Environmental Commitment

California is where we live. We are blessed to enjoy the state’s rich natural resources and we are committed to preserving them. After operating in the oil business here for four generations, we know the risks and consequences of exploration activity, and take them very seriously.

Over the last century, the Nahabedian family has seen exponential growth in standards and practices for preserving the environment and protecting wildlife around drill pads. Long gone are the days of man-made reservoirs such as at the Lakeview Gusher. Today’s oil and gas industry takes environmental side effects very seriously, and Citadel is no different. Each of our drilling locations has redundant spill prevention and mitigation measures on hand as well as measures to protect California’s treasures from the impacts of exploration work.

Not only do we conduct operations in an environmentally sound and safe manner, consistent with applicable laws and regulations, we hold ourselves, our partners and our contractors to higher standards. We have tested all employees and contract personnel on a project site to ensure they understood the sensitivity of certain special environmental areas. We have explored technologies to reduce water consumption and convert produced brackish water into potable water for agriculture use. And, we have utilized solar power systems to help power on-site operations, thus reducing expenses, logistics and our environmental impact.

Why expend time and money to ensure we are setting new standards for excellence in environmental stewardship? Because, Citadel is not just the fourth generation of a California oil family. It is preparing for the fifth generation – and beyond.